"the cleanest most pristine delay trails I ever heard gets paired with the oddest most haunting modulation. If you’re into cinematic sound exploration then this modulated delay is for you! Best slap back delay IMHO."

 - Devon Blue Whitaker



In any season, the time is right for Frost Bite, a silicon fuzz classic with a barely-concealed lust for mayhem.


To attain tone this awesome, you’ll gladly sacrifice a few fingers and toes.


The Frost Bite dishes out its icy fury via a straightforward three-knob control format – Tone, Fuzz and Level. But beware: the grandiose, punishing sweep of its Fuzz settings exceeds anything that you’ve encountered in this life...or any past life, for that matter.


The pedal’s unique silicon circuit is voiced to provide extended low-end impact and ultra-gnarly mid-high presence. Perfect for ensuring that your solo cuts through the frozen tundra, or dismembering unsuspecting listeners.

OLD RUIN (Distortion)


"Best New Guitar Pedals of 2021"

- JHS Pedals Show


"Best New Pedals of 2021"

- delicious audio


"At its price point, this thing is a steal. A STEAL."

- Gear Fever

SCORCHED EARTH (Fuzz with Massive Sustain)


"This pedal offers more flavors of creamy goodness than an entire dairy farm. Seemingly infinite sustain, with plenty of tone shaping available to go from “sting” to “stun gun."

 - Jon Levy

CAROLINA REAPER (Dual Drive) Germanium


Haunted Labs and Cusack Music have joined forces and crafted up the ultimate combo drive! 


"Used alone both sides can go from low noise clean boost, to their traditional roles. When combined the Earth just might open up."

- Andy Martin

WITCH HAMMER (Transparent Overdrive)


"I love the Witch Hammer! It really beefs up my Strat while retaining clarity. It doesn’t rob me of bass and doesn’t have any fizzy artifacts!"

- Mike Hermans

PARANORMAL FUZZ V2 (Filtered Fuzz)


"a molten fuzz overlord that slays anything in its path with no regard"

- Distortion LTD

DARK AURA (Modulated Reverb)


"HOLY SHIT this thing sounds FUCKING HUGE!"

- Richard Devine