HELL HORSE (Fuzz/Delay) Limited Halloween Edition!


Haunted Labs and Dirty Haggard Audio have united and brewed up a 100% original world class design and it is legendary!


"Adding to an acclaimed lineup of guitar effects, Haunted Labs has  unveiled the new Hell Horse fuzz delay, a co-branded pedal created in  conjunction with Dirty Haggard Audio.


The pedal brandishes a wickedly potent fuzz circuit and delay  powered by a PT2399 integrated chip. The “degraded” delay offers a  savory, sinister analog-style echo of up to 460 milliseconds."

- Premier Guitar

OLD RUIN (Distortion)


The Old Ruin delivers a broad array of distorted deliciousness, ranging from a somewhat mild overdrive all the way to higher-gain howling.


Offering a user-friendly recipe for mayhem, the Old Ruin supplies three knobs to unlock its vicious tendencies. In addition to Gain and Volume controls, it includes a specially tuned tone knob called “Texture” for dialing in the pedal’s pugnacious character. “Texture” is much more than just an earthly tone control. It summons sonic nuances from the great beyond.


Looking for something silky and stealthy? You’ll find it here. Prefer a stinging, searing experience like a faceful of lava? Twist the “Texture” knob, wake up and smell the brimstone!


"Best New Pedals of 2021"

- delicious audio


"At its price point, this thing is a steal. A STEAL."

- Gear Fever

SCORCHED EARTH (Fuzz with Massive Sustain)


"This pedal offers more flavors of creamy goodness than an entire dairy farm. Seemingly infinite sustain, with plenty of tone shaping available to go from “sting” to “stun gun.”

 - Jon Levy